AP Rookies: First-Time Exam Takers Share Their Thoughts

Caleb Stine, Staff Writer

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The first week of AP exams is officially in the books. Last week, sophomores and upperclassmen traded their Jordan classrooms for a church gym as they applied the knowledge and skills that they learned throughout the year in an attempt to earn college credit and polish their college applications.

Many students at Jordan take AP’s not only for the reasons mentioned above, but other reasons as well. Advanced Placement courses at Jordan offer students a chance to study specific topics often uncovered in traditional classes, such as Psychology, Government, or Biology. These classes also tend to go more in depth in their respective topics, motivating and engaging students in the process. However, sometimes AP’s can become a hindrance to students. AP’s require more studying and homework, and tests and quizzes are generally much more difficult than honors or academic classes. The AP exam is often a source of anxiety for many AP students as well, as it is the sole decider of whether college credit will be available to students.

Students in their freshman year often find it difficult to adjust to the high school environment. Many freshman are adjusting to new classes, school walls, and social dynamics. Despite undergoing the middle-to-high school transition, a handful of freshman have taken AP Human Geography, the only AP available exclusively to freshman at Jordan.  

First-time AP students are often ambitious and driven to succeed in their respective course and exam. Some students may be stressed out, and feel AP classes may not be for them. As these freshman AP students are preparing for the exam and reflecting on their year, how did they think the AP experience was at Jordan? How do they feel about their exams? Would they take other AP’s in the future?  

“I definitely want to take more AP’s in my future”, said Richelle Lopez confidently. Lopez, like many of her peers, feels confident for her inaugural AP exam.

“I’m pretty confident” claimed Patrick Butler, who subtly thanked his teacher Ms. Bailey saying, “I’m confident because she gave our class a released exam. That’s gonna really help me.”

Connor Hall believed he “didn’t think the class was very hard, so I’m not stressed for the exam.”

Not all HUG students are looking forward to Tuesday. Asha Coltrane, claims she is “very nervous” for her exam. If not confident about the exam, Asha is confident about her future class selection, specifically her future AP’s. “I’m taking two next year, and four my junior year.” she answered enthusiastically. Zoe Bright is also nervous for her test, but said to have enjoyed Mr. Brosnan as a teacher this school year. However these students may feel the same way about their first AP exam, Sam Johnson  offered a critical reminder to all by saying: “I don’t think it’s accurate for one test to reflect an entire year of learning.”

As far as the AP HUG workload, Connor Hall says that “It wasn’t super hard, it really eased out towards the end of the year.” His statements reflect an interesting idea, that the rigor of AP classes often increases a student’s work ethic, causing AP classes to seem tough at first, but to  progressively get easier as the school year goes on.

Patrick Butler said that it was “good for me, I think a bit more [AP’s] would be tough. [HUG] is a good amount for a freshman.”

Generally, the students interviewed seemed to seem satisfied with their AP class, their teachers, and their preparation for the exam. Many of these students are eager to continue their AP career here at Jordan, a good sign that shows confidence in our AP program.

As the second week of AP exams begin, we wish all students, but especially our freshman Falcons, to SOAR on their AP exams this week!