Top 20 Best Senior Quotes


Saleana Zheng, Deputy School News Editor

As our seniors’ time here at Jordan High School is coming to a close, one of their last acts as a Falcon is summing up their years at Jordan with a quote in the yearbook. These quotes are personally crafted by the seniors and it is the perfect opportunity for them to leave behind their mark. From rap lyrics to motivational quotes, I gathered some of my personal favorites for you to enjoy. Hopefully, they spark some inspiration for your own senior quotes or at the very least give you a good laugh.

1 . “I might be the bomb, but I don’t drop them.” – Iman Al Askari (152)

2. “The advantage of leading is that you’re not following anyone. – Alexis Ohanian” – Noe Brown (154)

3. “Opinions are like mixtapes… I don’t want to hear yours.” – Kya Chambers (156)

4. “My parents crossed the border so I could cross the stage.” – Maria Cruz Reyes (157)

5. “Don’t try to squeeze into a glass slipper. Instead, shatter the glass ceiling. – Priyanka Chopra” – Isabelle DeCamillis (158)

6. “When I eat, I feel happy and everyone looks like angels. – Kim Seokjin, BTS” – Sandy Dong (159)

7. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living what’s comfortable.” – Ana Flores Morales (161)

8. “.” – Angelica Galavis (161)

9. “School was like a sneeze, one minute I was in and the next I was out.”  – Pharon Fudge (161)

10. “I am a senior but I stay fresh, man.” – Cameron Harris (163)

11. “(I’ll never be) sorry for disturbing instructional time to protest for my life.”  – Aminah Jenkins (166)

12. “Bruh, we graduated just to go to school again. :/”  – Jalene Mireles Camey (171)

13. “Empece desde abajo, ahora estoy aqui pero nunca olvidare donde naci.” – Suany Ortiz Gonzales (174)

14. “Water. – Helen Keller” – Deirdre Preston (175)

15. “I didn’t choose the twin life” – Jeffery Depaz-Donis (158)

16. “The twin life chose me” – Kerwin Depez-Donis (158)

17. “I spent four years asking people for snacks before realizing I’m the real snack.” – Nelvin Rodriguez Paz (177)

18. “Peace out peasants.” – Destin Williams (183)

19. “Me: unbothered, moisturized, in my lane, well-hydrated, flourishing. – Cardi B”  – Jordan Yelverton (183)

20. “Take the money and run. – Steve Miller Band” – Alex High (164)