Jordan Tennis Fall Preview


Jim Stanfield, Sports Editor

The Falcons are looking forward to a great fall season, as they have an exceptional young roster with superb talent. Skilled freshman Samara Murphy leads the team at the 1 seed, shining a bright light on the future for the Falcons. Junior captains Alexandra Fitts and Molly Furman have served as consistent players playing at 2 and 3 in the lineup. Another extraordinary young talent is freshman Claire Harvey, seeded 4. At the 5 and 6 is another fantastic pair of juniors with Annika Bain and Margot Bohlin. Other players such as Lily Donoway, Ava Taylor, May Stanfield, Sydney Hancock, Wariner Roberts, and Lexi Durham provide great talent and depth in the roster.


You don’t often see two junior captains, but their leadership, goals, and motivation are not lacking. Alexandra Fitts and Molly Furman are great tennis players as well as stellar captains. When asked about goals for the season, Alex said, “My goal this season is to really unify the team. The past two years, I noticed that we were all kind of doing our own thing even though we were all on the same team. People would play their matches and either go home after they were done or not pay attention to what was going on in their teammates’ matches. So, this year, I want us to do more as a team and for each of us to become more involved in all of our matches.” Alexandra Fitts and Molly Furman exemplify excellent traits of leadership that will likely help the team bond and win matches as the season progresses.


The Falcons are extremely excited about this season and are working toward a great year. The future is extremely bright for Jordan with their young talent as well as marvelous coaches Kathryn Reilly and Susan Hill.


Jordan’s conference consists of new teams in Green Level and Hillside adding increased competition to the mix. Jordan’s next home match will be on September 9th against Hillside, so make sure to come out and support the Falcons!