Who is Our Biggest Rival?


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Freddy Stanley, Chief Editor

Jordan High School plays many games against many different schools in many different sports every year, but is there any single game bigger than all of the others? The answer might not be so clear. Jordan does not have one clear cross-town rival as you hear about in the movies. Durham is a proud home to four big public high schools as well as magnet schools, charter schools, and even a few private high schools, making it hard to pick just one rival from Durham. One also might think that our main rival would be from a Chapel Hill school, mimicking the Duke vs UNC rivalry. But yet again, Chapel Hill has two big public high schools, so it is hard to narrow it down to just one. In 2015, Jordan entered a new conference for many of its sports teams, forcing Jordan to face off against many of the bigger schools from Wake County. So is one of those Wake County schools our new biggest foe?

There is no straight answer to this question. Cases could be made for many different schools in our surrounding area. In this article, the Falcon Post staff will present the argument for multiple schools, and then you the reader will help us answer the difficult question: Who is our biggest rival?


Riverside High School is a relatively new school to Durham Public Schools, opening its doors in 1991. Today, Riverside battles against Jordan in nearly every sport. As a member of the Triangle-8 Conference, Jordan and Riverside meet at least once every year. In football, Jordan and Riverside have each won twice in the last four years. These have been close games, with the average margin of victory in each game only being 3.5 points. The rivalry has also been very close on the basketball court, the two schools splitting six games 3-3 over the last three years. This rivalry can also be seen on the soccer field. Riverside and Jordan met in the final of the 2018 Bull City Cup when Falcons managed to narrowly escape with a 3-2 victory. The combination of being a cross-city rival and a conference opponent brings great matchups between the two schools.



Hillside is another crosstown rival of the Falcons. Hillside has been an opponent of the Falcons since Jordan opened its doors in the 1960s. In recent history, the Falcons have been dominant against the Hornets in many sports, such as soccer, field hockey, baseball, tennis, and more, but the Hornets have been able to keep it competitive in some sports as well. In football, Hillside has not skipped a beat against the Falcons. Jordan has not seen a victory over the Hornets on the football field since 2006. Hillside has also held strong against the Falcons on the basketball court. The Falcons are winless in five games over the Hornets over the last three years, their last win against Hillside coming in the 2015-16 season. It varies from sport to sport in this rivalry, but the Jordan vs. Hillside match-up is surely one to take note of.

Northern Durham

Northern High School opened its doors at around the same time Jordan did in the 50s and 60s, and have been a fierce rival ever since. Jordan is 2-3 in the last three years in basketball and 0-10 in the last ten years vs Northern in football with our last win coming in 2009. The Falcons have been fairly dominant in boys soccer, their last loss to the Knights coming in 2015. The crosstown rivalry has been heated in girls soccer in recent years, the highlight of the rivalry being the finals of the 2018 Durham County Championship, a game in which Jordan lost in penalties.

East Chapel Hill 

Only 4.3 miles away, East Chapel Hill High School is the closest public high school to Jordan. According MaxPreps, the Wildcats are Jordan’s biggest rivals, calling the match-up between the two schools the “Battle for I-40”. In years past, when the PAC 6 conference still existed, Jordan would match up against ECHHS in nearly every sport. But when the Triangle-8 conference was created, East Chapel Hill and Jordan were placed in separate conferences. In football, the last time these two teams played was in 2016. In basketball, the conference realignment has not stopped these two teams from meeting every year. On the men’s basketball court, the last few years have belonged to the Wildcats, winning three of the last four games. In girls basketball, the Jordan has gone 6-1 against East Chapel Hill in the last four years. In boys lacrosse, the rivalry has been even in recent years, the teams splitting their last two meetings.

Green Hope 

With Green Hope, the rivalry is simple; we hate them because of how good they are. Green Hope won three state championships just last fall. GHHS seems to be near the top of the conference in every sport, naturally making them the team to beat. It helps to fuel the fire that the teams share a mascot, the Falcons. The rivalry was significant last year in boys’ soccer, as Jordan was able to hand Green Hope one of their only losses on the year. Even though Green Hope went on to win the boys soccer state championship, Jordan was still able to eke out a win on senior night. Jordan was also able to beat Green Hope in football last year in a tough, rainy game. Jordan prevailed over Green Hope, 27-18, a big morale boost for a Jordan team that would win a conference championship. The 2018/19 school year also saw Green Hope and Jordan clash in close games on the baseball diamond. At Green Hope, Jordan was able to squeak out a 4-3 win in extra innings. But at Jordan, Green Hope was able to walk away with a 4-3 win in another closely contested game.

Durham Academy

It is impossible not to include Durham Academy in this article because of the recent clash between the two school’s boys soccer teams. Just a few weeks ago, Jordan traveled to Durham Academy to play in front of hundreds of fans in boys soccer. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, and the fans were not afraid to express their feelings about the other school. In basketball, the two schools have met twice in the last two years, with Durham Academy going 2-0 in those last two games. It is no secret that many Durham Academy students are also Duke Basketball fans, so having a Tar Heel legend as Jordan’s new coach will no doubt add fire to this rivalry on the basketball court. The Cavaliers and the Falcons are also scheduled to meet on the lacrosse field in 2020, in a game that will no doubt carry much emotion.

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