Sitting Down With Breadkidd

The Falcon Post's Saleana Zheng sits down with Breadkidd, a Jordan High School alum and breakout star on the local rap scene

Saleana Zheng

Saleana Zheng

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Jordan is no stranger to successful rappers walking its halls. In the last decade, Jordan has produced successful rappers such as G Yamazawa, a rapper with multiple albums who has performed all over the world and has over a million views on Youtube for his song “North Cack.” But soon, G may not be the only famous rapper to come out of Jordan.

In the past year, Breadkidd burst onto the Durham rap scene with his debut album “SuperStar” and his hit single “Real Mad.” The Jordan class of 2019 alum is just getting started in his young career and already has thousands of views and listens on Spotify and Youtube. With so much support early on in his career, who knows where this talented young musician will end up?

In the attached video, the Falcon Post‘s Saleana Zheng sits down with Breadkidd and talks to him about his inspiration as a rapper, how he got to where he is today, and what his plans are for the future. Make sure you don’t miss out on this Falcon Post exclusive interview.