Helping Our Community, One Pancake at a Time

How the Jordan High School Student Government Plans on Giving Back


Ellie Robert, Staff Writer

“It’s important for Student Government to support the Durham community because we’re perfectly capable of doing so. We were elected by the student body to not only serve the needs of the school and to plan fun events like Snowball, but to also improve the school and the community,” said Gabi Overcast, Jordan’s student body president. “Our work shouldn’t just stop at the walls of Jordan, because Jordan is a part of DPS. When DPS students need help, we all have an obligation to help out–whatever way we can.” Overcast and her fellow members of Jordan’s Student Government are doing just that through a breakfast fundraiser on February 8th (8:00-11:00).  

After hearing about families being displaced from their homes in McDougald Terrace in Durham due to unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, Jordan’s student government planned a pancake breakfast to raise money for its residents. “The goal of this event isn’t to profit, but rather to set up a time that Jordan families can sit down for a meal together and appreciate each other,” Overcast said. “Additionally, Student Government felt like as members of the Jordan and Durham community, we needed to support the residents of McDougald Terrace during this difficult time. Our hope is that our event can begin to relieve some financial stress on these families and help them in any way possible.”

In early January, 280 families had to evacuate their homes in McDougald Terrace due to carbon monoxide concerns. These families are now living in hotels, other temporary housing areas, or with friends and family. Currently, a date for the return of the residents to their homes has not been established, but Durham Housing Authority announced the families may have to wait until mid-February. Overcast hopes that the pancake breakfast will “bring comfort to these families during this time and let them know that the Durham community is here to support them, in any way possible.”

Overcast says they are expecting around 200 people, and everyone, including those outside the Jordan community, is welcome. “This event is such a wonderful way for families to come together and spend a special breakfast with each other while helping give back to their community,” Overcast said.

The breakfast will take place on Saturday, February 8th from 8 AM to 11 AM at Jordan High School. The breakfast costs $5.00 per person or $15.00 per family. “Student Government will have plain pancakes, as well as a gluten-free option,” Overcast said. “The pancakes can be topped with chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries or syrup. It’s a really simple breakfast for a really important cause.”

Two years ago, Overcast started the Breakfast Club at Jordan, which focused on collecting food for Jordan High School’s food pantry. “The Breakfast Club’s main goal last year was to fund the food pantry, an internal program at Jordan. This event is serving community members outside of Jordan and their families so the groups being helped are a little different,” Overcast said. “Nonetheless, both are causes that Student Government is heavily involved in.”

Overcast wanted to thank Assistant Principal Roger Ganim, Principal Susan Taylor, National Honors Society Advisor Hannah Burke, Student Government Advisors Olivia Bellido and James Jefferson, and the culinary program for all of their help in scheduling, planning, and donating to this event. “SGA also owes a big thank you to all of its members for their endless work on this project and their eagerness to help,” Overcast said. “Everyone involved in this process of planning has played a crucial part; SGA, the Jordan family, and Durham community are very grateful!”