Snowball Set For This Saturday

Make Sure to Buy Your Tickets Before It's Too Late


Freddy Stanley, Chief Editor

The third annual Snowball Semi-Formal Dance will be the place to be this weekend at Jordan High School. Jordan students of all grade levels are encouraged to come out to the JHS gym from 8-10:30 p.m. to join in on the festivities. Tickets are being sold online and in person for $5 dollars apiece. To buy tickets online, go to, follow the instructions, and pay the $5 dollar fee with a credit card. You can also buy tickets in person in the front lobby before school tomorrow or Friday. All students must sign a waiver form in order to attend as well. These forms must be signed in person in the front lobby, before school tomorrow or Friday. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Students must buy tickets and sign the waiver form beforehand.

Snowball provides a mid-year opportunity for students to enjoy a school dance that is less formal and traditional than the end-of-year prom. Snowball also allows sophomores and freshmen to join in on the fun since they are not allowed at the end of year prom.

As the SGA members organizing Snowball will be quick to tell you, Snowball is not a Valentine’s Day dance. Even though Snowball is going to take place the day after Valentine’s Day. People are encouraged to bring dates and ask people to the dance, but non-Jordan students will not be allowed at Snowball.

As Snowball quickly approaches, excitement is building within the student body. Seniors Jim Stanfield and Ellie Mayer both say that they are excited for Snowball and plan on attending. “I’m amped,” said Stanfield. “I mean, it’s Snowball! It’s fun! I couldn’t be happier to be going.”

Seniors Lucy Roberts and Charlotte Maxwell also can’t wait to get out and do some dancing. “I really want to see some of my fellow falcons soaring out on the dance floor. That will be a real hoot!” said Maxwell. Roberts echoed her excitement in saying, “I personally have never been before, but I have heard great things about it. It would be a real shame to leave Jordan without ever attending a Snowball.” Both Roberts and Maxwell are also excited to see all of their friends dressed up looking fancy and “svelte.”

Snowball should be a fun and memorable night for all students that attend. Make sure to buy your tickets and sign the waiver form tomorrow or Friday before it is too late. Check back with the Falcon Post next week for full coverage of Snowball.