Boys Wrestling: Pinning the Competition

Ben Chesser and Nick Roberts

The Jordan High School boys wrestling team has been working hard this season. The team has grown in size and in skill throughout, with team members hoping to advance through regionals to states.  The team is led by head coach Bryson Roberts, alongside three other coaches helping push the team to be their best.

Caleb Joines is a sixteen-year-old sophomore standout who has been wrestling since he was in middle school. His record this year is 23 and 10, a good continuation for his high school career. “We’ve had some really good wins and some tough losses, but overall the team is growing.”

The team doesn’t have many wrestlers but has managed to raise enough money to buy the team new wrestling mats. Caleb said he and his team feel a strong sense of accomplishment in raising the money, and he hopes it can bring more wrestlers to the team. This fundraiser is a good reflection on their season, with their improvement standing out in the Jordan community.

The team is onto regionals this upcoming weekend at with a chance to go to states. The regional competition will be held at Cardinal Gibbons High School. Wrestling will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, and 9:30 am on Saturday.

When asked about the team’s mentality going into regionals, Caleb said he felt good.

“I feel confident that we’re gonna do well. Overall our team is doing well, and we all feel prepared to play.”