Delayed Expectations- Lady Falcons’s Tennis Season Gets Pushed Back

Delayed Expectations- Lady Falconss Tennis Season Gets Pushed Back

Alex Fitts, Falcon Post Staff

When school closed in March and spring sports came to a halt, no one at the time could’ve predicted that all the fall sports in the following year would have the same fate. Just a few months prior, Jordan’s female tennis team (the Lady Falcons) had experienced a tremendous season, with the addition of multiple skilled players and some great matches against the top teams in the Triangle 8 Conference. With the 2020 season approaching, the team was looking to expand upon their success and possibly contend to be conference champs and qualify for the state playoffs. 

However, with the season getting pushed back to the Spring of 2021, everyone must wait to accomplish their goals for the year. Current sophomore and last year’s team number one, Samara Murphy said, “It’s gonna be kind of weird and extremely hot and a little different than what I’m used to, but I think it’s gonna be fun.” Junior Sydney Hancock also admitted, “It’s very sad and I’ll miss playing in the fall, but it’s probably for the best right now with coronavirus and all.” 

Both Murphy and Hancock have said that with all the difficulties of not being able to play for Jordan, it hasn’t stopped them from trying to keep in shape. “I have been doing some workouts and working on my stamina,” Hancock said. Similarly, Murphy explained how she’s been playing and working with her trainer a lot during the break. 

With all the disruptions for the current players, it has been even more challenging for those who haven’t had any experience being on the team yet. One player in this situation is freshman Samantha Slowik. Slowik is in her first year at Jordan and hasn’t gotten the chance yet to become a part of the team. Slowik mentioned she was looking forward most “to making new friends and having a close team to be with.” She elaborated, “Tennis is such an individual sport so it [would] be awesome to have people to travel, practice, and compete with.” Like Hancock and Murphy, she also said how she has been keeping up with her tennis by going to clinics and hitting with friends. 

Beyond playing tennis, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted a lot of the girls’ other plans for this year. Hancock was anticipating “getting a parking space and an off-campus lunch pass this year” and Murphy said she was excited about “going to the football and basketball games.” For Slowick’s first year, she said she was looking forward to “meeting new people and seeing some of my old friends again.” 

In the case that this year’s tennis season is cancelled, I asked the girls what their goals will be for next year. Although they are faced with these athletic challenges, they are still preserving and striving towards their goals. They said they want to, “work a lot on improving my serve,” “become captain,” and “go to states and do well.” 

Hopefully, by the time the spring season does come, things will be much safer and less complicated than they are now. For now, we are taking things one swing at a time. 


Sam Slowick

Sydney Hancock

Samara Murphy