Fun Spots to Stay Socially Distanced in Durham

Fun Spots to Stay Socially Distanced in Durham

Ruthie Harvey, Falcon Post Staff

There are many downsides to online school, but one of the major issues is that students no longer have the opportunity to be around their friends. This year, seeing our friends isn’t as simple as hanging out at lunch or talking in the halls between classes. Since we no longer have access to the social environment provided by school, it’s important to stay connected and find ways to see our friends. That said, due to the unfortunate circumstances we have to make it a priority to find a socially distanced way to spend time with friends. Luckily for us, there are some spots around Durham that make seeing your friends safe and fun! 

This year the online school schedule gives us an hour for lunch, possibly even longer if you don’t need to meet with your teacher during the flex time after second period. Just because we don’t have lunch in the cafeteria this year doesn’t mean that we can’t socialize with others. Lunch time can be used to get outside and see our friends for a quick picnic. There are several great spots for this depending on where in Durham you live. One excellent spot is the Jordan parking lot. There is a ton of space for you and your friends to bring camp chairs or blankets to set up six feet apart. Depending on how close you live to school, there can be plenty of time to get there, eat, spend time outdoors, chat with friends, and get back in time for third period. Another great location for a lunch picnic is Duke Gardens. There are tons of pretty spots around the Gardens for a picnic. Getting some fresh air and being around beautiful flowers can be very beneficial, especially since we spend lots of the day inside looking at a screen. 

Another great socially distanced activity to do with friends is to walk on the Tobacco Trail. No matter where you live in Durham, chances are you can access part of the Tobacco Trail pretty easily. And if not, there are tons of neighborhood paths and trails all around that can have the same effect. Especially as the weather continues to get cooler, it can be fun to meet a friend or two to go on a walk. Most parts of the Tobacco Trail are wide enough to allow you and your friend to walk with some distance between you to stay safe. Going on socially distanced walks are a great way to spend time outdoors, get some exercise, and talk with your friends. 

This year is different for all of us, and it will take some adjusting before we can get into a routine. The important thing to remember is there are lots of ways to still see your friends, it just takes a little bit extra creativity to come up with a safe and fun way to do so.