Alumnus Spotlight: Cameron Carrow

Alumnus Spotlight: Cameron Carrow

Abigail Mangum, Freshman Class Editor

Our esteemed 2020 Jordan High School quarterback and baseball player Cameron Carrow, who goes by Cam, graduated last year and now attends Guilford Tech, where he plays center field for the Quakers. 

Last year’s football season in the fall of 2019 started strong with Cam as QB. Unfortunately, he hurt his shoulder and had to get surgery, ending his season. I asked him how he felt about the premature end to his senior season. His response was, “I was about as devastated as anyone could ever be, and I mean that from the heart. It was a dream to play QB since I was a little kid, but I never got a chance ‘cause I always played running back ‘cause I was always the fastest dude when I was young. I played sophomore year on junior varsity (JV) and we were really good, 8-2, and it was a dream come true, so getting one last shot at it was such a dream.”

Elaborating on this his dream ‘last shot’ that was cut short by his injury, he opened up about leaning on his faith, saying, “I enjoyed the 4 games I played as we were 3-1 then as well, but everything happens for a reason and it’s all a part of God’s plan. But I was really angry and it took a lot of faith in God to come to accept that it was all for a good reason. I loved my team and my teammates so much so it was hard to let go of it all.” Playing quarterback was especially meaningful for Cam; he explains how it was an opportunity for him to prove himself and be a role model. “I think one of the biggest things I loved about quarterbacks is that I was short. I’m 5’7” and 170 pounds on a good day which aren’t exactly the standards for a QB. I’ve been told I’m too short for things my whole life so I wanted to be an inspiration to everyone that shorter people could do it! I wanted to show that QB wasn’t a selfish position who gets all the glam and glory, but rather he’s just an everyday good guy like everyone else. A guy you could see in the hallway like everyone else and say hi to.”

 Cam really cherished the position he played, but he ultimately was able to move on from his devastating injury and loss of the season. He says, “It was hard to accept that these things I strived to do were gone, but I’ve learned there are other ways to make the same impact. Just by the way I live and my story, which I think has become a staple for the man I am today. I was thankful to be awarded the Darla Phillips scholarship, which is awarded to a player who shows perseverance when faced with adversity. Darla is my friend Cooper’s mom who died from cancer a year ago, and she was such a light to my family and me, as well as Cooper. As hard as it was for me to face that reality, I think God sent me this as a sort of ‘Here, I’m showing you why’ for why the injury had to happen, and just being nominated was an honor by itself because Ms. Darla was an amazing human being.” Despite the disappointment he felt, he truly believes the injury happened for a reason: “I had a list of goals I wrote down for my senior year, and honestly, I don’t know where it went (I think I tore it up, just to show what it was like post-injury) because I was looking forward to playing basketball for the final time as well. I wanted to finish my senior year playing all three sports and winning championships. But sometimes there’s always a bigger plan.” 

Cam also told me about how he felt about his spring baseball season at Jordan, which was sadly cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.“Well, it was a really weird ending to senior year. Baseball season started and we got off to a rough start (1-3) and right before a big game against Panther Creek we found out we probably weren’t going to be playing anymore. It was pretty emotional knowing my high school career was over, but I tried to take the high road the best I could.” 

Ending school online and being in quarantine gave Cam time to prepare for college baseball. He worked out on his own and focused on getting ready for the intense college baseball expectations. Cam also took a lot of road trips to the beach and the mountains. He enjoyed all the free time and stated, “I also really enjoyed some personal reflection time.” Over quarantine, he made the huge decision to commit to Guilford Tech to play baseball. He told me about the experience, “I was recruited out of high school really hard by over 10 schools, but ultimately chose a school I wasn’t originally recruited by. It was kinda hard– I didn’t know the coach well, but I had heard the program was really good, so I went out on a limb and committed to a junior college. Junior college isn’t always the prettiest choice for college because it’s not a four-year school and often doesn’t have an actual campus/college community.” Cameron also played in his first collegiate summer league for baseball, called Old North State League. “It was really fun. I met a lot of really cool guys from all over the U.S. (Pennsylvania, Maine, Ohio, etc). It was super cool and I got to experience what college ball is like.”  His classes and practices started in the past month; he explains,  “I have 3 online and 3 in-person classes. We’ve started practicing for baseball and I’m really enjoying living in Greensboro and met a lot of new and great friends. I think it was the right choice for me.” School and baseball seem to be going great for Cam. Congratulations Cameron on his commitment to Guilford Tech! I hope school is going great for all graduated Falcons!