A Look Into Jordan’s PTSA


Abigail Mangum, Freshmen Class Editor

The PTSA is an enormous part of the support and fundraising for Jordan. The PTSA is a place for students, parents, and staff to talk about things happening at Jordan and to plan fun events like fundraisers or teacher appreciation day. “A hallmark of our Jordan Family is the support our community provides to help ensure a wonderful learning and teaching environment for Jordan students, faculty, and staff. Families are encouraged to join the PTSA as well as contribute to various fundraising efforts that go directly to supporting Jordan High School,” states Jordan’s PTSA page. 

The PTSA is a great way for parents to get involved with the school. PTSA President Kim Garcia says, “One of the absolute best parts of PTSA is getting to meet fellow parents and the JHS faculty. In addition to working on a common goal and providing valuable resources to the community, we’ve formed friendships that will last beyond when our children graduate.” Ms. Taylor, Jordan’s principal, is very grateful for all that the PTSA has done. “Our PTSA is truly amazing due to the level of support they provide our school community. Some of my favorite projects include their sponsorship of our Student of the Month Program, their maintaining of the Teacher Supply Closet, the student organization and teacher grants they provide, their continued support of PAAC, and all of the support they provided for our drive-through graduation ceremony.  But above all, what I admire and value the most about our PTSA is the genuine care that they have for all Jordan students and teachers.”  So many parents and teachers have made a tremendous impact on Jordan’s growth. Mychael-Ann Pelo, Pamela Swinson, Sandy Phillips, Kim Garcia are just a few of the parents on the 2019-2020’s PTSA committee. 

 The PTSA does astonishing things to support Jordan, like, school-wide grants, club grants, scholarships, and teacher appreciation.  Mrs. Garcia elaborated on some of these things: “School-wide Grants are our fundraising efforts revolving around what items are needed to enhance the academic experience for JHS students and faculty. For the past three years, the PTSA has been able to raise a little more than $20,000 annually to provide things such as social studies textbooks, supplies for Culinary Arts, Animal Science, and Agriculture, the Distinguished Speaker Series and Newsela access for social studies classes, orchestra instruments, ballet bars for the dance class, funding for international celebration, Chromebooks, sets of novels, funding for Science Olympiad, and tables and chairs for the media center. 

Last year, the PTSA started an effort to provide funding for Student Clubs. This program is also up and running this year! Faculty sponsors receive a form to fill out requesting funds for Club projects.  We are excited to be able to help students directly in this way!

Last year, we awarded $3,000 to six students who are continuing their learning experience. This year, we plan to award $3,500 in scholarships. 

 During our teacher appreciation month, we fill the break room with snacks and provide lunch. Last year we covered the fence with gratitude posters for the teachers showing how much we loved and appreciated them. This year, we welcomed teachers back by covering the walkway with messages in chalk. We also helped to fund and provide professional development experiences.” 

The PTSA is one of the most valuable assets of our Jordan community. Thank you for all you do, PTSA!