Health and Well-being During Virtual School


Dalya Al Obaidi, Falcon Post Staff

       During quarantine, our world has been significantly altered, and day-to-day life has become seemingly uneventful. You have probably distracted yourself with social media, television, or any source of digital entertainment to fill the in-person void that quarantine has caused. Now, virtual school is at-play, a time-consuming and tiring affair. With virtual school consisting of zoom classes, independent assignments, and hefty amounts of homework, you may be drowning with this new system. The addition of extracurricular activities intended to be a time of collaboration, can alter your mental health, already impacted by the new environment of quarantine. This is completely understandable and relatable; in fact, many students have complained about the switch to virtual school significantly affecting their mental health. 

         Always remember that you can communicate your struggles to a close friend, family member, teacher, counselor, or even through a helpful zoom therapy session if you have the means. Humans are meant to interact with one another and feel comforted by someone listening; so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for a listening ear, because chances are, they can empathize and understand what it feels like to be in this situation. 

          One way to avoid zoom fatigue is to use your flex breaks wisely. Make sure that in between classes you get up and de-stress for the 30 minutes you have. Going outside, making a sandwich, playing with your dog, face-timing a friend, getting the mail, meditating, watching a youtube video, etc. are all great ways to circumvent the overload. 

          A useful tip that has gotten me up and going for my classes is separating personal space- such as your room- away from your school space. That can mean simply going downstairs to sit at the kitchen table or outside on the porch if you have one. Creating independent places can help you distinguish a separate mindset for school and home, even when you are stuck in one house. And if standing up and getting dressed helps you feel more productive and ready for the day, then take the steps to do it.

          I like to incorporate many things in my daily routine to avoid being sucked into the “Eat, Sleep, School” loop. Listening to podcasts has been the perfect mixture of feeling connected to the world and learning something new in a fun way. I have been listening to “NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour” which kills two birds with one stone by keeping me updated with the world and taking a break from school/work. 

         The last tip I have is to be kind to yourself. Patience and understanding are going to be your best friends during this unrivaled time. Don’t hash out on your teachers, friends, or family members- everyone has their own anxiety and obstacles they’re dealing with.