Alumna Spotlight: Aminah Jenkins


Elena Brosnan, Falcon Post Staff

This week’s alumni spotlight has us catching up with Aminah Jenkins, the class of 2019’s student body president. The Meredith sophomore is pursuing a degree in public policy in education and is obtaining her teaching license in social studies for grades 9-12. As she reflects on how Jordan prepared her for this journey, she says, “Jordan was where I figured out what I wanted to do…The support I received from my peers and teachers motivated me, but so did the opposition I faced. For one, it showed me that most academic principles are intended to exclude BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) students.”

Jenkins discusses how Jordan taught her the significance of prioritizing self-care: “Working to dismantle systems is emotionally taxing when it feels like you’re doing it alone. I don’t like being alone, but I’m trying to take more time to be with myself. I try to learn something new about myself every day which has helped me set goals and boundaries for myself. Feeling like I’m enough as an individual has given me power in more ways than one.”

Aminah still talks to several people from Jordan on a daily basis. She also says that graduating has taught her the difference between being friends with someone and having them be present in your life: “Recognizing those boundaries gave me clarity and perspective about how to value relationships. It’s natural to want to hold space for people you spent significant parts of your life growing with. But there comes a point in time where your destinies are dependent on change, and that change requires that you let go of each other for a while. Not doing so can do more harm than good.”

When asked about her favorite memory from Jordan she says, “Every post from @ce_jorban”.