Jordan High News Episode 3

Riley Reeves

The third episode of Jordan High News was released this morning during advisory. Tune in to this week’s installment for general school announcements, sports updates, weather forecasts, arts and crafts, COVID-19 updates, and book reviews.

Episode 3 features co-anchors Riley Reeves and Ava Litzinger, chief meteorologist Caleb Stine, literary critic Sophie Wilcox, craft connoisseurs Isabella Post and Anna Gibson, sports announcers Luke Jackson and Grant Bennett, and chief epidemiologist Henry Goodwin. The production crew for this week includes writer and director Grant Bennett, director and executive producer Luke Jackson, executive producer Cole Whittington, and producers Grace Miller, Molly Furman, and Eliza Miller.

Jordan High News, which is an SGA production in collaboration with the Falcon Post, wishes to offer special thanks to Principal Taylor (recently named DPS Principal of the Year), Mr. Ganim, Mrs. Howes, Mrs. Bellido, and Mr. Holthaus, among others.

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