Jordan High School’s Unusual Football Season


Neida Robles, Falcon Post Staff

The football season is starting up at a very unusual time this school year. But what are we expecting to see this season? I asked Head Coach Justin Allred a couple of questions about this year’s season.

What are you most excited about this season?

“I’m most excited that we will get an opportunity to play. Having not coached a game in over a calendar year, it’s amazing just to know that we will get the chance to play, compete, and be together as a team in ways other than Zoom. This season is a great chance to grow together as a program and initiate our new standard of excellence moving forward.”

Now that you have started practice, how do you feel about the team?

“This is a young group. There are only a literal handful of seniors, and in most cases that would equate to a lack of player leadership. This [go-around] is far from that. We have a great backbone of player leadership and I have been impressed with how everyone has answered the call during workouts. We have pushed them to grow at an advanced pace and tested them daily with respect to conditioning. They, as a group, have pushed one another and risen to the challenge. There’s work left to do, and there always will be, however, we are much farther along than I would have expected weeks ago. It’s a challenge with protocols and the constant adaptation this COVID year is accompanied by, and we have excelled. That really impresses me.”

What is one goal you have for this season?

“My number one goal this season would be to control the controllable. We expect to be the most well-conditioned team in the conference – something we have complete control over. We also expect to outwork everyone in practice, games, and in class. With the fluidity around the weather, the pandemic, and all the other challenges we are facing… minding the details and remaining well in control of the little things that win championships is our goal. Doing that will improve our discipline to the game and make us all better men.”

What is an improvement the team can do?

“One overall improvement I have stressed to the guys is the need to lock-in with virtual learning and be sure they attend their classes and engage. This semester being virtual should be a little routine at this point, and remaining diligent in our approach to the classroom will be key as we embark on our season. My goal for this team is perfect class attendance and a B average across all their classes in the spring.”

What do you like to listen to before game day?

“My Apple Music is quite the eclectic smattering of different genres. It usually depends on the week of practice, the team we are playing, and the situation… but this season I can safely assume there will be some of today’s rap (Kevin Gates, Post Malone, etc.), some old school rap, and the occasional classic rock appearance. I think music is a great way to create a mental environment of focus and energy, so I keep a pretty wide-spread variety of options.”

What team are you most excited to play?

“That’s a tough one. The cliche answer is Panther Creek. They are our first opponent, and where my focus has been for the last 2 months; however, I love rivalry games. When the stakes get higher, the energy around a game changes without having to force it to. That said, I’m most excited for Panther Creek to measure our process as a team through workouts and where we are after the most unique offseason ever. Hillside is obviously up there on that list, but Panther Creek is one win that could really boost our program this season. Winning the first game sets the tone for the season as a whole. No matter who we are playing, I expect us to compete at our highest level and sell out. Tomorrow isn’t currently promised in our season, and whoever we can play this season will get our best effort.”

A couple of football players also shared their thoughts about this year’s season and what they are expecting. Dave Aguayo (#27) said: “What I am most excited for this season is getting out there and playing with my brothers knowing the opportunity we have been given. We have been working hard to get into a position where we can succeed and we have no intention of stopping because we plan on going to the state championship.” A song Aguayo said he listens to before a game is “It Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube.

Cary Williams (#28) said he just wants to win this season. He’s excited to play against Hillside as they are Jordan’s rivalry team. He added that he listens to “Faneto” by Chief Keef before a game.

Luke Walker (#78) said he is the most excited to be able to play after a huge battle with Durham Public Schools. He is hoping to be able to win a 3rd straight Conference Championship this year. He said he listens to “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill before a game.

We wish the football team the best of luck! Go Falcons!