The 2021 Return of Field Hockey


Emily Fitzgerald

The Jordan Lady Falcons have just completed  their long awaited 2021 Field Hockey season. Many of the schools the Falcons  played, such as Chapel Hill and Carrboro High, were able to have a 2020 season. On the contrary, Jordan was unable to have a 2020 Field Hockey season due to COVID; when asked about the impact that the loss of a season had on the Jordan players, members of the Jordan Field Hockey team reported missing their teammates and feeling rusty on their technical stick skills. 

Coach Eric Lipp stepped up as the new head coach of the Jordan Field Hockey team this year, with help from returning assistant coach Alexa Lantiere, and new assistant coach Joanne Vance. In addition to the new coaching staff, many freshmen and sophomores have joined the team this year, growing the team for the better- The team had a total of 21 players this year! Freshman, Janey Charles, and sophomore, Winn Kelley, both reported a reason they joined the team was because of their friends and interest in the sport. 

Emotions were high going into the East Chapel Hill game on September 27th. East Chapel Hill is a skilled and challenging team. Senior Captains, Sarah Lehrich and Annabel Vance, both shared that they were nervous and stressed going into the game. “If we play an aggressive and clean game I think we have a chance”, said Lehrich. 

Although the Falcons lost to East, they were able to keep their heads up high. Recognizing the skill and experience they  faced when playing East, the Falcons left the field knowing they had played their hardest and left it all out on the field. Coach Eric Lipp told the team it was the best he had seen them play all season, and both referees commented to Coach Lipp on the vast improvement they have seen this year. This season was a challenge, but the Falcons rose above the tensions, coming out of it having made new or stronger connections with friends and coaches, scoring many goals, beating Riverside twice, and with excitement and anticipation of an even better season next year. 

Stay tuned to hear more on the Lady Falcons journey as they continue to soar!