International Festival a Huge Success

Saleana Zheng, Deputy School News Editor

Samosas, arroz, Thai Tea, posters representing countries, and a night of dancing were all found in the Jordan cafeteria on Thursday evening. The International Festival is hosted by the English Language Learners (ELL) Department at Jordan High School, headed by Ms. Painter. Ms.Painter and her ELL students, along with the help of the  International Club, have been working tirelessly to making this years event another success, just as it has been in years past. Many students worked organizing all of the displays and gathering the support needed for this international event. In the end, their efforts most definitely paid off. The International Festival drew a large and diverse crowd, showcasing students and cultures from all over the world. The Festival was great opportunity for students to share their culture, and their love of their countries. Packed from the beginning to the end, the International Festival never seemed to have a dull moment.

On one side of the cafeteria, multiple posters of a wide variety of cultures were on display for people to read (all of which were made by students at Jordan), and the other side was filled with rows of food. Not only was the food fantastic, but knowing that the dishes were from different cultures all over the world, and that these cultures were being represented here at Jordan made it even better. Additionally, students were encouraged to dress in traditional clothing from their culture in a Fashion Show. The Fashion Show featured many students such as the Choukri twins, Yahia and Zak. The festival ended with laughter-filled dances (like Bachata) with songs in so many different languages.

According to Ms. Painter, the head of the ELL program, the International Festival is so special because it helps students realize just how culturally diverse Jordan High School is. When asked about the International Festival, Lucinda Rosen, a sophomore at Jordan, says “I was really impressed by the amount of people who showed up. I didn’t know that there were so much different cultures represented here at Jordan, and it was amazing how they all came together”.

From 6-8pm on Thursday night, so many cultures were admired and embraced by our community, but this appreciation of cultural diversity should be the norm established at Jordan. These beautiful languages, dishes, and arts should be recognized by all students, all throughout the year. All in all, everyone had a great time and was able to come together to enjoy music, food, and dancing. With a loud round of applause given to the ELL Department for all of their hard work, the end of this year’s International Festival had everyone looking forward to next year’s event.



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