Meet Your Junior Class Student Government Candidates!

Meet Your Junior Class Student Government Candidates!

Luke Jackson, Copy Editor

Jordan’s Student Government elections are coming up fast! Voting will take place Monday and Tuesday in your English classes. Although many see these elections as simply a popularity contest, the positions have real power. Many current officeholders are running again, but the field of candidates also contains many students who can realistically challenge the incumbents. The Falcon Post reached out to the candidates running for junior class government positions in order to give the student body a better understanding of the candidates’ positions on how to make Jordan a better place, as well as why you should vote for them this week.


Candidates for Junior Class President
Nicholas Sangvai: “Nicholas Sangvai for Junior Class President: Let Me Solve Your Problems!!”Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Nicholas Sangvai: I am a very outgoing and friendly person. I am approachable and want to hear your opinion, not just tolerate or ignore it. I love hearing from my peers on what they think is a positive or negative aspect about Jordan, so I can mention it to the student government and we can do something about it! I am qualified, since I am in leadership positions in other clubs. For example, I am the president-elect for Tri-M Honor Society. Other than that, I am dedicated and responsible, and would do you justice as your president.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit to be the Junior Class President?
NS: I am the best fit for the position, no doubt! If and when I hear from people about their concerns, problems, etc., I would have an active role in solving your problems. I know that if I had the power to do so, as your Junior Class President, I would get the job done and do it wholeheartedly. I think the class of 2021 is an outstanding class and we have potential to do something great, so let’s finally start to take action. This action starts by electing me, Nicholas Sangvai as your Junior class President!
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
NS: One thing in particular that I would do as your president, is start an online forum where people can submit their issues, problems, or concerns, so we can take action and solve these problems. As a student government, we focus on big issues that a majority of students face, however, I think that each individual student and their problems are important. Some of these issues can be easily fixable, we are just unaware of these at the moment. Now, if you elect me, I can try my very best and succeed at solving your problems!

Saleana Zheng: “Sa-Lean-On Me as your Junior Class President!”
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Saleana Zheng: As a candidate, I am truly committed to my peers and classmates who I have essentially grown up with, as well as the issues present at Jordan (including the lack of recycling and healthy dating). This means that I am constantly listening to feedback and am always looking for ways for improvement. This will be my second year in Student Government, meaning I have gained the skills needed to maneuver from project to project and task to task. As a person, I constantly try to challenge myself and always go above and beyond. This being said, I have a great work ethic (learned from my parents and the work they put into their business), meaning I will be able to apply this drive to Student Government and the students that I represent. Besides dedication and persistence, I am also one of the loudest cheerleaders and supporters for all of my peers and teachers. I love to encourage others to be motivated and get excited about all of these amazing opportunities here at Jordan and in the community. I am passionate about my school, my community, my peers and their issues, and I want to put that passion into creating change. All of these skills listed are gained by my experiences in this school and with them, I hope to positively shape others’ experiences and memories at Jordan.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as Junior Class President?
SZ: Like previously stated, I have been the Sophomore Class President for nearly a full school year and from it I have learned much from not only my classmates, but also the upperclassmen in Student Government. I have gained experience in my leadership position, which will better prepare me for another year in Student Government. My strengths make me best fit for President, as well as my personality. While I have my down days (which typically occur around AP Government & Politics tests), I am a very open person and a “people person.” I listen to my classmates and their problems in order to lay their concerns at rest and I am also found funny at times (a good laugh is equivalent to one of my campaign posters). Being engaging with others also means being engaged in my community. Outside of being the Sophomore Class President, I have created the International Club along with [candidate for Junior Class Treasurer] Thao Nguyen, which raises cultural awareness at Jordan. From this, I have developed a set of skills needed for a leadership position. Additionally, coming from a place of genuine interest, I believe that I have ideas that will hopefully better the community and environment in this school that is considered a home to many. I care about my education and my place at Jordan but more importantly, I care about Jordan as a whole and those within it. While it may sound cliché, I want to better Jordan and I am sure with my leadership, along with the other leaders of Student Government, our community can improve and grow.
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
SZ: While a Junior Class President may not have the most power and influence over the actions of the school (when compared to the Student Body President), I will do everything in my power to solve my peers’ concerns. Lately, this has centered around the environment at Jordan, especially the lack of recycling. My hopes for next year include working with the Environmental Club to supply real recycling bins and ensure that Jordan is doing a better job at “Going Green”. Also, a personal focus of mine is education. While we have great teachers at Jordan, some students fall a little behind but have no motivation to catch back up. This being said, I want to grow our current “In-House Tutors” program in order to encourage and motivate more students. An indicator of success for me would be seeing AP Students not as a minority at Jordan. While these may be high-achieving goals, these should be the actions taken by representatives of students for the students and by the very least, I want to set these things into action.


Candidates for Junior Class Vice President

Sarah Davis: “Vote SD for VP!”
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Sarah Davis: I believe my personal strengths are my sociability, and my outgoing personality. As a candidate my strengths are being willing to listen to everyone, having good ideas, being able to get things done and my accountability of being at meetings on time.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as Junior Class Vice President?
SD: I think I’m best fit for the position because I’m definitely qualified. I want to make Jordan High School a better place, and I can talk to everyone and be friends with everyone!
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
SD: One of the main things I want to push in SGA for this upcoming year is creating events that everyone will want to participate in. I want SGA to plan events that include people of all backgrounds, friend groups and classes. I would also like to improve the overall look of Jordan (repainting, fun posters, plants, etc.) and to continue to make everyone feel welcome at JHS!

Grant Bennett: “The Horses Will Always Be in the Back if You Vote for Grant!”
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Grant Bennett: My main strength is never giving up on something even if it poses a threat.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as junior class vice president?
GB: I’m the best fit for this job because I’m a very personable person who would be great at talking to students about what change they want.
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
GB: If I were elected I would push my hardest to have huge tailgates before football games and to make sure every student at Jordan feels comfortable at school.
*Henry Goodwin was unavailable for comment.


Candidates for Junior Class Treasurer
Thao Nguyen: “Be a Pal and Vote for Thao!”
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Thao Nguyen: I am good at collaborating with others and I often prefer working in group projects. I try to converse and familiarize myself with a diverse group of people, to get to know and understand different ideas and perspectives about the topic at hand because they could offer something I wouldn’t have thought of before. I’m empathetic and I can easily relate to others, and I’m skilled at making people heard in a crowded room. Everybody’s opinion matters, and I believe it’s important to give everyone a chance to voice theirs. I’m also creative, resourceful, and a really good problem solver when a conflict arises or something that may need immediate attention.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as Junior Class Treasurer?

TN: I believe I am best fit for this position because I have had previous experiences as Treasurer and have developed the skill sets to manage and assist our school’s financial needs and projects for future events.
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
TN: If I were elected, I would bring my ideas to my peers and discuss events that can improve our school. Some ideas I plan to share next year include holding a clothes or shoe drive for students, participating in the Coaches vs. Cancer organization to raise awareness, or having a school talent show or a color run as a fun event (which can also help raise money for school). There are many other ideas I plan to address in next year’s Student Government and it would be great to put these ideas into action!

Sarah Williams
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Sarah Williams: As a person, my strengths include organization and creativity. As a candidate my strengths include leadership and responsibility. If elected, these qualities would allow me to be an effective treasurer by taking full responsibility of the position and the tasks that it entails, as well collaborating with others to create a positive school environment through the projects and events of student government.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as Junior Class Treasurer?
SW: I believe that I would be the best fit for the position of junior class treasurer due to my experience on the treasury committee this school year. As I am the only individual running for Junior Class Treasurer that is currently on the treasury committee, I have the most experience in working with allocation of funds and budgeting for student government projects. This year I have had the ability to work with the treasury committee on the funding of the Snow Ball, as well as other projects, including supplying feminine hygiene products to women’s restrooms at Jordan, which is currently in progress.
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
SW: If elected, I would make it a priority to involve student government in community service projects. While it is important for student government to focus on the well-being of Jordan, I think it is also important for the school to be represented within the community. I think tutoring in local elementary and middle schools, or serving at local shelters, such as Urban Ministries, would be an effective way of promoting the values of Jordan and its student government on a larger scale. If elected I would also continue a current project of the treasury committee, supplying feminine hygiene products to women’s restrooms at Jordan. This project is important to me because it is a simple way to impact a large population of the student body.

*Cole Whittington and Madde Raburn were unavailable for comment.


Candidates for Junior Class Secretary
Eliza Miller: “Eliza for Secretary!”
Falcon Post: What are your strengths, both as a candidate and a person?
Eliza Miller: I would say that as a person and a candidate, one of my strengths is being organized. I like to stay on top of things, and keep schedules and planners for everything I do. This helps things run smoothly and makes me more productive in my work and throughout life. In addition, I have been told that I am a good problem solver. I like coming up with solutions to issues or ways to be more efficient.
FP: Why do you think you’d be the best fit as Junior Class Secretary?
EM: I think I would be the best fit for this position because of how well my strengths tailor to the duties of a secretary. Being secretary means keeping things in order and ensuring that things run smoothly, which is the perfect job for someone like me who keeps schedules and to-do lists. Being more efficient, as previously stated would also allow for more improvement every year for our school, which is never a bad thing.
FP: What are a few things you’d like to do upon being elected?
EM: If elected, I will be sure to stay on top of all of my duties in order to catalyze improvement as a school and as a student body! I would also be sure to encourage the student body to speak up about issues that they see in order to make Jordan a good learning environment for everyone.

*Sophie Wilcox could not be reached for comment.

The Falcon Post wishes each candidate good luck, and to the students reading this article, happy