Girls Soccer Senior Night

Pictures provided by Caroline Hayes

Maddie Morrison, Creative Editor

On Monday night, five seniors were celebrated during Senior Night for the Jordan High School Girls Soccer team. Among the five are four field players and a manager. Noell Jones, Sarah Shine, and Esmé Wheeler have all been playing varsity soccer at JHS since freshman year, and Monday night they were thanked for everything they have brought to the program. They came into the game with high spirits and positive energy that uplifted the whole team despite the challenging game ahead. Passion, a senior and goalkeeper for the team, tore her ACL in the beginning of the season, but still came to every game and was very supportive and encouraging. Ava Vines, the last senior, was thanked for her work as a dedicated and energetic manager. All five of the seniors will be remembered for their hard-work and commitment to the JHS soccer program.

Going into the game, the Falcons expected a challenge. The Green Hope girls soccer team came into the game in first place in the conference, only losing one conference game all season. The ladies had already lost to Green Hope once during the season and were not looking to lose for a second time. Determined to win, seniors Noell, Sarah, and Esmé led the team with enthusiasm and determination, ready to fight for a night worth remembering.

By the end of the first half, the score was 0-3 with Green Hope dominating. Heads were slightly lowered as disappointed and frustrated players headed off the field. The first half lacked the energy and teamwork they needed to win. Coaches Bailey and Ferguson tried to motivate the team with new strategies and tips, and soon enough the ladies returned to the field. Nobody expected what came next.

Filled with fire and fight, the Lady Falcons crushed the second half. Anger and desire were in the eyes of every player, and it showed in their speed of play and urgency with the ball. The ladies fought like never before and scored a jaw-dropping 4 goals in the second half. With each goal, the crowd, bench, and field players hollered and cheered, only building the intensity of the game. The first half was long forgotten as the ladies played like fierce, unstoppable champions. Unfortunately, Green Hope nailed two more goals, and the game ended with a final score of 4-5 in Green Hope’s favor. With that said, the Lady Falcons felt nothing but pride and satisfaction leaving the field because of the hard work they put into the game. Green Hope wasn’t expecting the team that came at them in the second half.

Some of the most notable player performances included So. Tiana Hill, Jr. Logan West, and Sr. Esmé Wheeler. Tiana scored a hat trick (3 goals) in the second half. This rare feat involved immense skill and speed of play, which Tiana demonstrated expertly. Tiana plans to play soccer in college. Logan West also contributed by fighting her way to win every ball and by scoring a goal off of a free kick. The efforts of the whole team came together with the goals Tiana and Logan scored. Esmé played the game at center back and consistently controlled the back line. She worked extremely hard to protect the goal and distribute the ball. Esmé was congratulated for her composure and leadership as a senior, along with Noell and Sarah.

Despite the loss, the JHS Ladies soccer team walked off the field with their heads held high. The
seniors earned a night they will always remember.