Jordan High School Spring Dance Concert 2019

Ben Throckmorton, Staff Writer

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At 7:30 p.m. on Friday, there was a beautiful performance put on by the Jordan High School Dance program. The performers showcased their skills developed from the past year along with their ability to work as a team. Music and lighting paired nicely with the movement onstage, and the crowd consistently cheered the dancers on by screaming their names and loudly applauding. At the end of the performances, Mrs. Neville (the dance teacher at Jordan) came on stage to hand out senior superlative awards and explained how all of these students have changed her life. Teary-eyed and filled with happiness, the seniors who have worked so hard throughout their high school careers took their final bows, leaving behind a legacy for the current juniors to fulfill next year.


Following the concert, the Falcon Post had a few questions to ask the dancers.


Falcon Post: How do you feel the dance concert turned out?

Gabi Overcast-Hawkes (Junior): I think the concert was one of our bests. The seniors choreographed some awesome dances. I also thought that the prom-posal in the middle [of the performance] was super special too.


FP: Are you glad it’s over?

GOH: I’m really sad it’s over because concert week is always my favorite. And I’m going to miss being able to dance with the seniors.


FP: What will you miss most about the Dance Program here at Jordan?

Angie Galavis (Senior): I plan on dancing in college so I think I will miss all the friends I have made through the dance program. I will miss how we all were always building each other up and helping each other grow as dancers. This year especially it feels like we all have gotten really close and I will miss that.

Deirdre Preston (Senior): I will miss the bond I made with all of my classmates over the years. Since you kind of let your guard down and be yourself to be able to dance, it forces everyone to get to know each other on a different level. So I have made some great friendships that I wouldn’t have been able to make if it weren’t for the dance program. Of course, Mrs. Neville was also the best dance teacher you could ask for too!

Tin Pagnaneath (Senior): Getting to be around the best and most understanding person ever, Mrs. Neville.

Megan Brinkman (Senior): I’m going to miss the people the most! We spend so much time and are always collaborating that you get so close to people.


FP: Do you think you will continue to dance in college?

MB: Dance has been a passion of mine for years and I would love to keep up with it if I can.


Tonight was a great example of how Jordan is a great place to learn how to work with others, work with yourself, and most importantly to be yourself.

The Falcon Post would like to congratulate all of the dancers on a fantastic show, and wish the seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors!