Jordan Band’s Unique Show “Night in a Time Machine” is a Success

Evan Carlson, Local News Editor

On Saturday, May 4th, Jordan’s band took people through the decades with their “Night in a Time Machine: A Walking Musical Tour.” From a medley of the “Star Wars” soundtrack to a civil rights tribute, this student-run performance was filled with lively music, colorful sets, and energetic student “tour guides” that brought us through the eras of western music.

“One of my favorite things about having this event is that every student gets the chance to choose and arrange a piece of music.” Senior and tenor saxophone player Brandon Quinn said. “This is a moving concert, instead of sitting down in a seat for 30 to 50 minutes, you get to walk and be more involved, seeing each player as they play their piece.”

Attendees got the chance to either choose to start in the past and work their way up to the present, or to start in the present and work their way down to the past. The two groups met in the middle for a fun rendition of familiar songs from “Star Wars” in the auditorium, ending with an impromptu lightsaber battle. Pieces at this event were played by a wide range of instruments, including a trumpet soloist, an ensemble of flutes, a trombone and saxophone duo, and a classic jazz band.

The show has been a tradition in the band program, but this year, band teacher Chris Hathcock was especially excited and proud that the “Night in a Time Machine” was entirely student-run. They got to pick their pieces, build small sets that represented the time period they chose, and even dress up in costumes. The amount of creativity and love for music that Jordan’s band program has was very evident in this unique show.

For the seniors in the program, this was a fun way for them to wind down the year. “It was even more special this year since it’s my senior year,” Quinn said, “It’s such a great way to entertain people and also play good music.”